My Supporters

Thomas Parker

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!! great Cause

Hannah Byrom

go guuuuur.

Erin Lachapelle

Good Luck!

Denise Ryan

There aren't enough words to express how much this event means to me. So much cancer in our lives taking or hurting our loved ones. Thank you for riding.

Kathleen Edwards

You got this!

Jessica Lopes

Double Hanna donation!!!! You got this Jackson

Stephanie Sokol $25.00
Alexandria Poole $25.00
CarolAnn Wescott

Great cause?????? for all

Michaela Mulligan

Good luck Jackson! Praying for your wife and whole family! Such a good cause!

Sara Dion $10.00
Lillian Gaunt

Good Luck - prayers and wishes to you and your family.

Dave Byrom

Go Jackson!

Kim Malloy
Genevieve Hemenway

Good luck Jackson!

Carol LeBlanc

This is such a great cause! I wish I could donate more.

Chelsea Glasner

Push through that 30 minute mark and you’re golden! Best of luck to you <3

Pamela Horsfall

You got this...for all those that continue to fight the good fight and those that are now pain free and at peace.

Cody St.peter

thanks for riding for such a great cause!

Donald Copenheaver


Coady Coady
Deborah Nault
Marjorie Martin

Good luck and let's all keep fighting to cure cancer

Richard Meyer

Hey Jackson, best of luck to you and Mrs B!! God bless and stay strong!

Conni Smith

Jackson, I listen to 102.5 every work day, I fell in love with the station the day before Kenney was on and cried when I heard about your Wife, so this is for her and the world, to stamp out cancer!

Shannon May

Jackson, I am sending prayers to you and your family for taking on this challenge for the most amazing cause. I pray your strength and devotion inspires others to reach out and help anyone they can.

Dawn Santolucito

Thanks for riding Jackson for such an amazing cause! Go get it!

Stephanie OKeefe

Happy to support you in your ride! Good luck and best wishes to Kristin.

Maureen King $25.00
Suzanne Fitzsimons

Good Luck this weekend! We will be thinking of you as you cycle for a great cause!

Cunnigham PTO

For all the support you have given us over the years, we are happy to give back to you and donate to such a worthy cause! Good Luck this weekend!

Carlyn Vella Donovan
Marianne Kinsella
Gwendolyn Williams

Good Luck Jacksonblue! ?????!! My grandson (Marcus) is cancer free!!! God bless you and all of the Riders and God bless all of the families too!

Dawn Ehrsam

In memory of Mary Jane Reynolds

Kristin Copenheaver-Smith

Good luck!!! Thanks for doing this! Ride on!

Joyce Myette $25.00
Caroline Jordan

Way to go, Jackson! My kids and I listen to you and Hannah every morning on the way to school, trying to beat the $1000 Minute! So proud of you! Go get 'em!

Debbie Chabot

Spin On Jackson!


Victoria Fitzpatrick

Thank you, Jackson, in memory of my Mom and Grandmother who both had breast cancer

Tina Marino

Thank you & good luck!

Alison Boyce

Thanks for riding, can you ride for my friend Trish? Aka Coolchick for your shirt! Go get it!

Kendra, Mason & Rob Sheridan
Tina Hagman

God Bless you all for your efforts. Let’s continue to fight eff cancer!!!

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2018 $2,345.00 PMC Winter Cycle